On this page you will find fonts and also a download of Kelly's book in PDF format. There are several more typefaces in development (most for titling purposes, although the ultimate goal is to provide a good, free, usable textface).


Water With The Word (Download PDF) -- a book about the Lutheran understanding of Baptism. Copyright © 2009 Kelly Klages. This book is free to download, but we would ask that you not mirror this file, as it allows us to make updates/tweaks as necessary.
Also available in printed form as a book through Price is $7.13 CDN + shipping. That is the LuLu actual cost, with no profit margin for us.
Alternately, if you're in Canada, contact us and we can probably get you a copy for $12 including shipping.

Lutheran Pictures Font

A fun, Lutheran-themed font of pictures, hand drawn by Kelly Klages.
Font Sampler (403 kb-PDF format)
Lutheran Pictures Font (Windows TTF, 223kb zipped, 332 kb unzipped)

FontStruct Creations

BTF Struct --a pipelineish font
BTF 7x5 --a 7x5 dot matrix font
BTF Bitter --a font which looks vaguely like the old 8-bit screen fonts
(My username on FontStruct is metalfoot --- I'm hoping to make more fonts there.)

Font License

All fonts available through this site are copyrighted by Alex and Kelly Klages. You are allowed to freely use these as you wish, especially if it is for church or non-profit purposes, but if you use them for any sort of commercial production (i.e. a book or magazine), we would appreciate a copy of the final work. Contact us at alex (a) for more info. Absolutely no warranty is made as to any font's usefulness or any possible effect on your system from using any of these fonts.
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